Anti-Hazing Education ANTI-HAZING EDUCATION Developed in partnership with The Max Gruver Foundation,
this 1-hour anti-hazing education course explores the impacts
of hazing, statistics related to hazing, how to recognize and
respond to hazing, repercussions of hazing, as well as
criminal and civil liability as it relates to hazing.
"If you wouldn't do it to yourself, why are you
doing it to somebody else?"
- Rae Ann Gruver
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Vaping Education VAPING EDUCATION As the use of vaping devices becomes more prevalent, the health
consequences are becoming clear. Vaping is dangerous! Never
beginning to use vape or tobacco products is the key to not getting
addicted. This course will explore the health pitfalls and other
hidden dangers of vaping as well as resources for kicking the habit.
"E-cigarettes are not safe for youth, young adults,
and pregnant women, as well as adults who do not
currently use tobacco products. "
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Alcohol Awareness ALCOHOL AWARENESS Developed in partnership with The Eric Searcy Foundation,
this alcohol awareness course takes participants through real
life situations and consequences, while also highlighting the
dangers of alcohol and how to recognize if you have a problem.
It ends with a call to action and provides steps to get help.
"The decisions you make today will affect
you for the rest of your life."
- Eric Searcy
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Substance Abuse SUBSTANCE ABUSE Developed in partnership with The Foundation for a Drug-,
Free World
, this substance abuse course spotlights the
dangers of many of the most commonly abused drugs -
presenting consequences as well as focusing on how to
identify if you are an addict and how to get help.
"...I'm going to stop permanently after using
one last time. It never happened."
- John
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Sexual Battery Education SEXUAL BATTERY EDUCATION Developed in partnership with STAR (Sexual Trama Awareness
and Response)
, this course teaches participants how to identify
sexual battery. Impacts, consequences and legal issues
surrounding sexual battery are also discussed. Suggestions
on how and where to get help is also provided.
"Sexual abuse and assault affects all genders,
orientations, ages, races... all of us."
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Conflict Resolution CONFLICT RESOLUTION The inability to deal with anger can be frustrating, and in
some ways, very dangerous. This conflict resolution course
deals with some of the causes of anger and gives users tools
to deal with anger in a more productive manner. (This course
is sometimes also knows as "Anger Management".)
"When you develop inner control of a powerful emotion
like anger, you become powerful."
- Dr. Ida Greene
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Effective Decision Making EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING "In its simplest sense, decision-making is the act of choosing
between two or more courses of action."
Purchase Your Course ($29.95) Effective decision making involves using intuition and reasoning to
structure an appropriate decision. Making good decisions is a key in
almost any worthwhile endeavor. This course delves into the steps
that go into better decisions and the ultimate outcomes that will follow.
Theft Prevention THEFT PREVENTION The costs of theft ripple through society, eventually down to the
consumer. Developed in partnership with The Shulman Center for
Compulsive Theft Spending and Compulsive Hoarding
, this course
presents the costs and consequences of theft while providing
tools to change behaviors and prevent future negative actions.
"We all like to get something for nothing... but it's an
illusion. There's always a cost."
- Dr. Terrence Shulman
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Anti-Bullying Education ANTI-BULLYING EDUCATION Bullying hurts everyone involved; including victims, bullies
and bystanders. This course teaches students about the various
types of bullying, how to recognize when someone is being
bullied and what to do as a victim or a bystander. We close with
a compelling video about the power of kindness.
"When an upstander sees or hears about someone
being bullied, they speak up."
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Responsible Parenting RESPONSIBLE PARENTING One of the toughest jobs is being a parent. Our Responsible Parenting
course covers the basics do’s and don’ts of parenting, while also exploring
the causes and costs of truancy.
"One of the most important ways to clear through all the
clutter of advice, guilt, and comparisons to others is to
understand what you are and aren’t responsible for when
it comes to raising your child."
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Financial Responsibility FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Financial responsibility is an important aspect of being successful
and secure. This course explores both the pitfalls of making financial
mistakes along with tips and guidance to get the participant back on track.
"Financial planning is a big concept that includes things
like budgeting, retirement planning, saving, insurance,
and getting out of debt. "
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Litter Prevention LITTER PREVENTION Keeping our great state and country beautiful is the responsibility
of all citizens. This Litter Prevention course discusses the true costs
to society of littering and how we can all do our part to stop it.
"To some people litter may seem like a relatively
unimportant issue... the truth is that litter has
important implications for the environment and in
- Keep Louisiana Beautiful
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